Genomes at Work: Tackling Environmental Problems in Aotearoa New Zealand - by Jane Young

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Genomes at Work
Genomes at Work
Genomes at Work


We devise technologies in order to meet human wants and needs. The greatest need that we have in the 21st century is to reverse the damage we are doing to the living systems of planet Earth. In this comprehensive, clearly written account, Jane Young describes the ways in which genomic technologies can assist with this vitally important endeavour.

All living organisms share a common origin and are linked together through the information coded in their DNA. Genomes at Work explains the basic biology that we need to grasp in order to understand how genomic knowledge could help treat myrtle rust, plan tuatara translocations, remediate polluted industrial sites, develop a vaccine for avian malaria, breed low methane-emitting sheep, control stoats and wilding pines; and do much more besides.

No technology is perfect, and no technology exists in a value-free vacuum. It’s not just about the science. Genomes at Work takes a hard look at how social, cultural, political and economic factors must all come into the mix when grappling with the difficult decisions to be made as we face an uncertain future.

Genomes at Work explores the ways in which the information coded in the genomes of all living things can provide tools to help us deal with the interwoven crises of biodiversity loss, environmental degradation and climate disruption.

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