Anti-birdstrike dragonfly stickers - Matuku Link

bird strike

Developed by Matuku Link to save our birds and fundraise for their wetland work – protecting the dragonfly habitat. There are seven large stickers in one pack, with instructions and dragonfly information.

Bird vs. window glass is all too common and bird rescue organisations are now also reporting that with the trend to clear glass balustrades, even more injured birds are being handed in. 

Window stickers applied to glass can indicate to our feathered friends that perhaps the way ahead is not so clear, especially if there is a 20 cm long dragonfly on your flight path! These native New Zealand dragonfly window stickers have been developed at Matuku Link as a fundraiser as well as an extra tool for you to help save our birds.

The Giant Bush dragonfly features and it is not only our largest dragonfly, but also one of the world’s largest and most ancient species. Each set contains seven different New Zealand dragonfly stickers and includes a poster with information on each species. In an attractive package, they make a great present for any bird or dragonfly lover!

These stickers are to be purchased directly from Matuku Link - Make your purchase through their site here: Matuku Link

If you have found an injured bird, here's what you need to do: Found an injured bird?