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Earth art pottery
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Justine’s mission is simple - to create beautiful, unique, high quality, handcrafted pottery. She prides herself in taking the time and care needed to produce these pieces, which are artful, functional and lovingly made to the highest standard for people to cherish.

The process to create each one comprises of throwing, turning, making - then attaching the handles and manu, painting, first firing, glazing, then second firing. This can take between two to three weeks (so these will take longer to ship out to you than other items in your cart) – But are well worth the wait!

Have a browse and pick your favourite(s) to liven up your morning and afternoon tea and coffee breaks!

The mugs are approximately 330-350 grams, 10.5cm high and at their widest point (incl. handle) about 10cm wide. 

To see more of Justine's beautiful work, including fantastic bird sculptures, head on over to her website: Earth Art NZ Pottery 

Please note these mugs will be shipped to you directly from Earth Art NZ and will arrive separately from other items in your order. Because of the risk of damage in transit, these are not able to be shipped internationally.