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Melissa Boardman
Melissa Boardman
Melissa Boardman
Melissa Boardman
Melissa Boardman
Melissa Boardman


Melissa Boardman is an illustrator with a passion for New Zealand’s native birds. She frequently visits sanctuaries and offshore islands, where she spends time observing birds in their natural habitats. Melissa has a deep respect for nature and enjoys nothing more than being surrounded by trees and birdsong.

Melissa's illustrations capture New Zealand's native birds in a unique style that adds an artistic and tasteful aspect to any home.  

These prints are created with long-lasting matte pigment inks on textured, high quality archival 100% cotton rag. (Cotton rag is an environmentally responsible paper made from lint fibres - a by-product of the cotton industry).

These A4 prints are $110 (unframed).

Framing tips:
• A4 prints without mat - simply look for an A4 sized frame
• A4 prints with mat board - Melissa recommends a 305x390mm frame with A4 mat board

Please note these prints will be shipped to you directly from Melissa and will arrive separately from other items in your order.