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KCC Membership is aimed at young people aged 5-13 and includes: 

  • The quarterly Wild Things magazine filled with heaps of fun games and activities, stories, and interesting facts about the nature you love! 
  • The opportunity to join in on fun nature activities with a KCC branch in your area 
  • Entry to various nationwide KCC challenges, projects and competitions; to be a Youth Reporter on our blog; and to maybe even get published in Wild Things!


We will email you a voucher within 3 working days which can be given to the recipient and redeemed by their guardian online - no stress, no hassle, and the membership will be activated after it has been redeemed! 

The $35 gift membership includes a welcome pack with some fun goodies to get young conservationists keen on nature and their surroundings. This welcome pack will be sent out after the membership has been redeemed by the recipient (this can take up to two weeks).

The perfect gift for young people who love nature! Come join the fun. 

If you have any queries about these vouchers you can get in touch with us at