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Take Flight
Majestic Mr Tui
Megaherb Take Off
Kokako Companions
Hannah Shand


About the artist:

Hannah Shand ( loves New Zealand’s native birds, and has a fascination with our beautiful and unique flora and fauna. Her other passion is drawing, and she creates realistic and timeless artworks using black fine-tip pens. Combining her passions with her love for the outdoors and photography, Hannah explores remote predator-free islands and bird sanctuaries, and draws inspiration from her wildlife encounters. It’s these precious moments that she portrays in her artwork, capturing each bird’s individual character. She actively works with conservation groups & bird sanctuaries to promote awareness about their crucial work, & raises funds by selling her fine-art prints, as well as donating to, & fundraising for, other conservation groups.

Hannah creates original artworks in A4 to A1 size, with each artwork taking four to sixteen weeks, as she carefully renders the fine details to bring to life each bird’s unique characteristics. Her limited edition A3 size prints sold here are hand-signed/numbered and made in Wellington using the highest quality archival paper, inks and processes. 

Looking for 'Subantarctic Soaring', mentioned in our Autumn 2022 magazine? The limited-edition print can be purchased, here

Here are the descriptions for each of the gorgeous prints available:

Fantail/pīwakawaka – 'Take Flight' Fantails (pīwakawaka) are a gorgeous little bird that Hannah loves to draw. Fantails are widespread throughout NZ, making them one of our most well-known birds. They are fast, small and inquisitive, often flying close to people, making them a fun bird to photograph. Hannah started learning photography in 2018, to take her own artwork reference photos. Capturing a fantail in flight has been one of her big goals, as due to their speed and quick direction changes, this can be quite difficult. Much time was spent at her local gardens and bush reserves, working toward getting the perfect images for this series. Size – A3 (297mm x 420mm).

Saddleback – "Tīeke Aroha" (meaning Saddleback Love) is an artwork that expresses the love a family has for one another. The Saddleback are looking affectionately to one another, with an adult pictured above and a young juvenile below. They are perched on a Kawakawa branch, which the Saddleback likes to feed on, but additionally the Kawakawa has beautiful heart shaped leaves, representing love and the special connection a parent and their child has. Hannah photographed the pair of Saddleback on Tiritiri Matangi Island, a predator-free island off the coast of Whangaparāoa. Size – A3 (297mm x 420mm).

Kākā – "Kākā revival" Kākā Revival is an artwork that celebrates the growing population of the Kākā in the Wellington region. The artwork is based on a photograph taken by Hannah at Zealandia in Karori, Wellington. By the end of the 2018/19 breeding season over 1,000 Kākā have been banded by their very successful program. Size – A3 (297mm x 420mm).

Tūī – 'Majestic Mr Tūī' The tūī is a widely distributed and distinctive honeyeater in New Zealand, notable for its beautiful bird song, iridescent plumage, and unusual ability to mimic sounds including other birds and even human voices. Hannah captured an image of this bird at Zealandia, a 225-hectare predator-proof fenced ecosanctuary in Wellington. Thanks to the success of predator control efforts, the tūī has made a comeback and is now found in many areas of Wellington City and beyond. This artwork is being used to support Forest & Bird’s centennial celebration. Tūī are held very dearly in Forest & Bird’s history; the tūī was used in our first logo when we established in 1923 and for many decades. Hannah regularly supports Forest & Bird, as we share a common goal of taking care of our native birds. Size – A3 (297mm x 420mm).

Auckland Island tomtit/miromiro – 'Megaherb Take-Off' This miromiro artwork was inspired by Hannah's visit to New Zealand's remote Subantarctic Islands, where she photographed unique birds and plants. The Auckland Island tomtit pictured in the artwork was photographed by Hannah's brother on Enderby Island, while Hannah captured an image of the Campbell Island carrot, a locally-unique megaherb. The Auckland Island tomtit is a small bird with a black body, yellow breast band, and white wing bar, and is one of five miromiro subspecies. They are confident and inquisitive, and often fly close to people. Size – A3 (297mm x 420mm).

Kōkako – 'Kōkako Companions' Kōkako are gorgeous native NZ wattle birds, often heard in pairs singing their beautiful duets that echo through the high treetops. The reference photos for this artwork were taken by Hannah of birds in two different locations however, and combined for the artwork to depict a composition which would be difficult to capture on camera in the wild. The kōkako on the right is ‘Kahurangi’ from Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre, and the bird on the left is ‘Cloudsley Shovell’, and was known as Tiritiri Matangi Island’s matriarch. The two birds are drawn perched on a blooming kohekohe branch, which Hannah photographed at the Waikanae river track. Size – A3 (297mm x 420mm).

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