Bennetto BOTY bars - 14 pack

Bennetto Bird of the year
Bennetto Bird of the year
Bennetto Bird of the year


Rock Wren choc out now! 

Rock Wren | pīwauwau, the BOTY 2022 Winner and teeny tiny trooper swoops in and graces the cover of these limited-edition dark chocolate bars from Bennetto - AVAILABLE NOW

These are gorgeous 60% cocoa chocolate bars in packs of 14 for you to share (or not share). 

This is seriously good chocolate and you're going to want to stock up on this limited-edition offering! And know you are giving back to nature AND enjoying delicious organic, Fairtrade™ chocolate, when you purchase this carton of 14 bars. Bennetto Natural Foods will donate $14 to Forest & Bird with each carton sold! 

These are 100g bars in packs of 14. Organic, Fairtrade™, vegan, gluten free and climate positive. 

These cartons are to be purchased directly from Bennetto - Make your purchase through their site here: Bennetto Natural Foods Co