'A Little Blue' - By Jeanette Goode

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From Jeanette Goode ( is this beautiful little book, described as "wistful, sweet and beautifully illustrated."

Here's a little bit about it:

"Simmy is sent to live with his father on the West Coast of the South Island. He finds himself in a quiet rural place, devoid of technology. There is no internet and no mobile phone coverage! How will he survive away from his mum, his friends and the city life he is accustomed to? It takes a while to get used to living in such a remote and isolated place. He is forced to pick up a pen and write letters home to his mum to communicate his frustration and loneliness. When he realises she is ill and cannot respond, he knows he has to be brave. It is the kororā, little blue penguins who capture his attention and change the way he sees the world."

A Little Blue is a hand-illustrated picture book loved by children of all ages. It is particularly relevant for reluctant readers as Jeanette has drawn the pictures to tell a slightly different and deeper story.  It is a tale of love and the arresting power of nature.

Disclaimer: This book deals with illness and parental separation. 

Note that this book will be sent to you directly from Jeanette and will arrive separately from other items in your order.